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WILDFIRES…Are you at risk?

Wildfires often begin unnoticed. They spread quickly, igniting brush, trees, and homes. If you live where urban development meets wildlands, or on a remote hillside, in a valley, prairie, forest or brushland where flammable vegetation is abundant, your residence could be vulnerable to wildfires. Wildland fires are usually triggered by lightning or accidents. Know Your Risk and What to Do ƒ Contact your local emergency management office to learn about evacuation routes and emergency plans. ƒ Learn about the history of wildfire in your area. ƒ Be aware of recent weather; a long period without rain increases the risk of wildfire. ƒ Get additional information from the Federal Emergency ManagementRead More

ILLEGAL…Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns (often known as floating, paper or Chinese lanterns) are made from thin paper stretched on a frame. A candle or other fuel source is held in a holder in the frame, and the burning fuel provides heat and lifts the lantern into the air. These lanterns are often used for weddings or memorials. However, they blow wherever the wind takes them and can cause fires if they land on something that is combustible. Maine law does not allow the use, sale or possession of sky lanterns in the state. • Maine Statute Title 8, Chapter 9-A, Section 221-A(4): defines fireworks and includes “the type of balloon that requiresRead More

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission Statement To promote and protect the health and safety of our community and first responders. Core Values Dedication: We are an organization built on the foundation of our predecessors, who encouraged a diverse team to challenge the status quo; always dedicated to providing a better service, while using each member’s knowledge and abilities to make the team better. Integrity: We are honest with our partners in public safety and our customers, in order to build trust, for, and within the organization; while pledging to uphold the Firefighter Code of Ethics in our firehouses and community. Do the Right Thing, Professionalism: We committed to ongoing professional development as an investment,Read More

Online Burning Permits

Construction began on the new addition to the Police Department on Monday October 9th.  We quickly realized that there would be obstacles issuing fire permits the way we have done for so many years, because the entrance to dispatch is completely blocked. Due to the length of time that this project will take, the Police and Fire-Rescue Departments have made the decision to stop issuing hand written fire permits.  Instead we will use a third party electronic fire permit website called Warden’s Report.  This program is being used by many other fire departments across the state with success.     Fire permits will remain FREE of charge and you canRead More

ISO Public Protection Classification

BUXTON IS NOW AN ISO PPC CLASS 5! Over the last 3-5 years the department has been actively improving our service delivery in a number of areas, from staffing to hydrants and purchasing modern fire apparatus.  Last winter our ISO PPC Classification data was reviewed and was released initially in April.  The department is happy to confirm initial reports that our rating would be lowered to a ISO PPC rating of 5/10 versus the community’s prior rating of 9/10.  Verisk (ISO) confirms that the rating change will take effect in August 2017 when it is released to the insurance industry and the community.  This reduction should impact residential and commercialRead More

Do you need smoke detectors in your home of bedroom??

Do you have a working smoke detector in your home? This year we are focusing our fire prevention effort on ensuring there are working smoke detectors in the homes of our community. If you do not have working smoke detectors in your home, or if you do not have working smoke detectors in your bedrooms, please let us know.  We have received a couple of small grants to purchase smoke detectors, and we will come to your home to discuss fire escape planning with you and your family, and install the grant funded smoke detectors. If you are in need, please email bfreeman@buxtonfr.org for more information.

Welcome from Chief Schools

Welcome to Buxton-Fire Rescues Official Website.  Below please find information about our Community, Department, and the way we deliver services to our Community.  If you should have any questions about our department do not hesitate to contact me at nschools@buxtonfr.org The Town of Buxton, Maine, is located in Northern York County bordering Southern Cumberland County, and the communities of Saco, Hollis, Standish, Gorham, and Scarborough.  The Town is 10 miles from the City of Portland with a metro population of 230,000 people.  Buxton also borders the City of Saco with a total population of 18,241.  Also bordering the towns of Scarborough (Population: +17k) and Gorham (Population: +14k), both with broaderRead More

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