Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission Statement
To promote and protect the health and safety of our community and first responders.

Core Values

  • Dedication: We are an organization built on the foundation of our predecessors, who encouraged a diverse team to challenge the status quo; always dedicated to providing a better service, while using each member’s knowledge and abilities to make the team better.
  • Integrity: We are honest with our partners in public safety and our customers, in order to build trust, for, and within the organization; while pledging to uphold the Firefighter Code of Ethics in our firehouses and community. Do the Right Thing,
  • Professionalism: We committed to ongoing professional development as an investment, and foundation, for the future; leading to: operational consistency, improved communication, strong leader/subordinate relationships, and a stronger relationship with our customers.
  • Responsibility: We are serious about providing high level fire suppression and emergency medical services to our customers; delivered with consistency and innovation, to mitigate hazards in a consistently evolving community, and region.
  • Cooperation: We work beside our brothers and sisters while training, educating, and responding, to gain an understanding of their needs, knowledge, and experience, in order to build a cohesive team, willing to go the extra mile, as a display of our dedication to service.

Vision and Goals

The Officers and Members of Buxton Fire-Rescue understand the enormity of their role in protecting our community, and work tirelessly to exceed expectations in order to keep our community safe.

A Vision of this future includes:

  1. A proactive retention and recruitment program building a healthy balance of volunteer and paid personnel, while maintaining a fiscally responsible budget, while members carry out the organizational mission.
    1. Strategic Goal: The department will utilize training and education as team building opportunities to build positive morale and strengthen company integrity.
    2. Strategic Goal: The department will investigate and implement, where allowed, innovative benefits for volunteers, above and beyond payment, for the service they provide to the town.
    3. Strategic Goal: The department, from the top down, will provide each member with professional development and guidance, through education, and individual goal setting, and mentorship.
    4. Strategic Goal: The department will develop and deliver an effective marketing program for the recruitment of new volunteers, in order to expand the membership to support our mission.  This begins with educating the community on the role we play as protectors, as established through our Mission, Values and Visions as an organization.
  2. Establishment of an interactive education and prevention program, the department will be a player in making our community a safer place to live and work.
    1. Strategic Goal: The department will initiate a fire prevention program engaging the public in pre-incident planning, plans review, adoption of a fire protection ordinance(s), and annual fire inspections; all efforts to reduce fire loss and safety hazards, while reducing insurance ratings for individual home/business owners.
    2. Strategic Goal: The department will bring the public to the firehouse, or bring the firehouse to the public, with programs such as Community Paramedicine, free community CPR/AED Training, Fire and Life Safety Education, Community Cares Check In’s, and other low impact programs to build relationships with our customers and other community stakeholders.
  1. In a reactive profession, the department will remain vigilant in planning and preparedness for response to and mitigation of small and large scale emergencies/disasters:
    1. Strategic Goal: The department will be proactive in training our members to meet the current and future needs of an environment in constant change, to include new hazards such as: medical epidemics, terrorist attacks, and hazards that often go unseen.
    2. Strategic Goal: The department will continually raise the bar in the way we train, respond, protect our public, and most importantly protect our first responders.  We will challenge the status quo every time, in order to raise the bar on the services we provide.
  1. As an organization of volunteers, part time, and full time employees we work together to provide a service that exceeds the expectations of our customer. In order to do this, we need to do what is right for the greater good, we must be selfless.  This foundation is built by “Doing the Right Thing; Every Time”, and that is the expectation that Buxton Fire-Rescue must have of itself, Every Time.