D/C Gene Harmon Receives Life Member Award

I was thrilled to present D/C Gene Harmon with a rocking chair and firefighter flag in recognition of his more than 60-years of service to Buxton Fire-Rescue. I have included my statements from the Annual Town Meeting on June 18, 2022 below:
In this day in age, it is hard to imagine someone working in one place for 10 years let alone 25, and certainly not 60 years. This year, Buxton Fire-Rescue recognizes one of our members after reaching a career milestone of 60-years of service, and I would like to have Gene Harmon join me at the podium.
I will read an excerpt from the 2015-2016 Annual Report which was in part dedicated to D/C Harmon, “The fire service today is influenced by many forces including community, society, budgets and the members of every fire-rescue department. One phrase doubly important to firefighters is “service above self”. Many think of this phrase synonymously with firefighters. In our community, the fire department has seen change, from the town’s first Ford Model T fire truck purchased in 1914, to the merger of all three fire departments with Bar Mills Rescue, to an integrated fire-rescue organization, and most recently hiring full time firefighter/paramedics. Positive change happens within an organization when leaders, the pillars of that organization, have a vision and lead their membership through the change. One of the towns most dedicated volunteers and trusted leaders is Deputy Chief Gene Harmon. Deputy Chief Harmon has served in many capacities through the years, from Firefighter to Chief of the Bar Mills Fire Department. Following the municipal merger, Gene has faithfully served as a Deputy Chief, Acting Chief of Department, and in his current role as Safety Officer.”
Gene, from everyone at Buxton Fire-Rescue, thank you for your countless hours of service to us and the community. Today we present you with a rocking chair with the department’s insignia as the Life Member Award, presented to only one other member in the department’s history. Your commitment to the fire department for the last 60 years is remarkable, and many, including myself consider you a mentor. We hope this gift will help you relax while enjoying a drink and watching the Red Sox after a long day in the hay field!
Please help me congratulate Deputy Chief Gene Harmon in reaching a career milestone after working more than 60 years for Buxton Fire-Rescue.