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Burning Permits

Burn permits may be obtained online using the Wardens Report website.  The class day will be determined at 9 am each morning.  The state allows burning on Class 1 & 2 Fire Class Days.  To obtain an online burning permit follow the link this link:  www.wardensreport.com.  .

Fire Classes are as follows:
Class 1: Low
Class 2: Moderate
Class 3: High
Class 4: Very High
Class 5: Extreme

Fire Permits will be issued in the Town of Buxton under the following conditions:

  • Fire Class Day ONE or TWO
  • Wind speed and wind gusts less than 10 MPH (5 MPH or less for burning a field)
  • National Weather Bureau forecasts winds to be 10 MPH or less

Fire Permits will not be issued in the Town of Buxton under the following conditions:

  • Fire Class day THREE, FOUR, or FIVE
  • Any Class Day with winds exceeding 10 MPH

Safety Requirements for all burning:

  • No burning within 50 feet of any structure
  • An adult must be present at all times
  • Hand tools (brooms, shovels, rakes, etc.)
  • Water supply if possible (charged garden hose)
  • No burning on paved asphalt
  • All permitted burns must be completely extinguished by Mid-Night unless special permission is obtained from the Fire Chief/Town Fire Warden to burn overnight.
  • Permits on town property require a permittee over 21 years of age who is present at all times.

Fire Permits may be revoked under the following conditions:

  • During a period of high forest fire danger
  • Where a nuisance condition is created
  • When permit conditions are not followed

Schedule for issuing burning permits to private citizens:

  • During daytime hours when the Class Day is a Class 1 and winds are appropriate for burning, OR:
  • When the Maine Forest Service has discontinued the Class Day announcements for the season and the winds are appropriate for burning, OR
  • Weekends / Holidays from 9 am until Mid-Night.

Keep Constant Watch on Fire and Make sure that it is completely extinguished before leaving. The burning permit is granted in good faith that the fire is carefully watched and controlled by a sufficient force of adults and adequate equipment. You shall be liable for suppression costs if the fire escapes due to negligence or not following the safety requirements listed above. All open burning shall be in conformity to existing laws and regulations of the Maine Forest Service, Department of Environmental Protection and local municipal ordinances. In accordance with Title 12 Statutes, the out-of-door burning of plastic, rubber, Styrofoam, metals, food wastes, chemicals, treated wood or other solid wastes, except for wood wastes, is prohibited in all areas of the State. Any person who engages in out-of-door burning who fails to comply with any stated permit condition or restriction commits a Class E crime.

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